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Título : Análisis del proceso integrador de las remesas familiares en Centroamérica como fuente de desarrollo de las familias receptoras de estos fondos
Autor : Rodríguez, Carlos Antonio
Palabras clave : Central America - Economic pollcles
Fecha de publicación : 2005
Editorial : UFG Editores
Resumen : Recently, applied benefits have been described to stimulete the productive use of fami/y wire transfers ro support the {ami/y: To save and to invest (generally assign to invest in a property or home improvements) It shou/d be thought, not only in the production of consumer goods and services but a/so in assets: Social, communitarian initestructure, housing or company assets. Collectíve wire transfers that are used ior civic or religlous ceiebretions, community wotk, and business type projects have been ana/yzed. A/most three years ago, the Government of E/ Salvador applied an innovalive program in this sense, this program is aimed to generare investment opportunities through interchange of information and experiences among Salvadoran investors living in the U.S. Divetse instruments have been ana/yzed with the wite trensiers, migrants' savings, collective wire transfers and with the insútutions in charge oi the transfers. In El Salvador, the number oi wire transfers per capita is between the highest worldwide.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/11592/8413
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