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Título : Transición de la dictadura y refundación de la República Democrática
Autor : Sancho, Eduardo
Palabras clave : Despotisms;Militarism
Fecha de publicación : 2005
Editorial : UFG Editores
Resumen : The experts dedicated to the investigation and opinion, base their works in statistics And institutional banking information, they have the challenge to assimilate that the transition has arrived at a state exhaustion . This political and partner-state debilitation ís caused by the critical moment of the system of political parties, the stagnation of the model of the economical adjustment, the disordered growth: of the population that prevents a social project. Combined to the incapacity of the left democratic to announce an alternative power project to the right; we add the absence of a plan of alliances with the industrialists and middle layers for an economic and social pact the; it includes to the industrialists with the workers in the productivity, and the incapacity to exhibit an integration sketch to the region and to the world. AII this needs a new economical, social and political agreement of the state with the parties, in order to fortify re-foundation of the state.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/11592/8419
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