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Título : Delincuencia infantil : proyecciones sociales
Autor : Salazar Rodezno, Abel
Palabras clave : Juvenile delinquensy
Fecha de publicación : 2006
Editorial : UFG Editores
Resumen : The juvenile delinquency is a problem that has worried our society from the very beginning. The rising of the new thesis has inflicted deep concern in the jurists of olden years, who want the abolition of the Penal Law's expiatory sanctions that protect the delinquent With the modern and evolved criterion, ah the same time rise, preventive methods to legal infractions which tend to give greater importance to the delinquent rather than the crime itself. In El Salvador, jurists have tried to fight against the juvenile delinquency but the results have not been positive at all. By legislative decree number 25 of july, 1966 it was established "The jurisdictions! Detention Law" which would regulate infants whose age was less than seventeen years old. In one century the Salvadoran social group has had deep changes. The actors which are the government, parents, and the school: find faults to each other and all of them give responsibility to one another but the crime rate keeps on rising
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Aparece en las colecciones: Realidad y Reflexión, 16

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