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Título : Turismo : desarrollo sostenible de la región
Autor : Sancho, Eduardo
Fecha de publicación : 2006
Editorial : UFG Editores
Resumen : We need to create technical institutions in the tourist branch and municipal tourist offices. We should use the government’s resources in the strategic planning of the municipal domestic-based development and the micro regions such as protected parks, touristic places. All this need to be linked to the micro regions offerings so that they can be profitable to the potential of the biodiversity on the basis of the ministerial and intermunicipal agreement for the next thirty years. To create a touristic strategy with the domestic-based development in a small country which is surrounded by lakes, with a volcanoes range next to coffee plantations, with rivers and beeches, bays and a gulf, divided in four regions, the North and the West, the Centre and the East, four strategic axes of the touristic base which are by chance in deforested country that also has its last iorest in the hands of private enterprises, coffee plantation fields and cooperatives.
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